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About Vince Bandille

Vince BandilleVince is a New York based actor. He's a Brooklyn born, working class, man's man with a lovable goofiness... but don't get on his bad side!

Growing up, he survived on a diet of Martin Scorsese, Francis Ford Coppola, NYPD Blue, as well as Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis, all of which happily reside in the recesses of his mind in one part or another. The two films that created the desire in him to want to be an actor were "Angels With Dirty Faces," and "Mr. Smith Goes To Washington." He was so inspired by their performances that he then sought out every film of both James Cagney, and Jimmy Stewart. 

He's played the title character (a ruthless capo who wants out of organized crime so he can open up his own vinery) in Bill Sorice's award winning short film VINNY VINO. He was later cast in Hughes William Thompson's short film A NEW MAN which won the Cannes Lions Young Director Award 2014. As far as his stage work, he appeared at Theater for The New City as the religiously conservative father who has to deal with his son's coming out to the family, in Gaspare DiBlasi's full length play 50 THINGS I LOVE ABOUT FRANK. More recently he had the opportunity to bring an iconic character to life. This past February 2017, he got to walk in the shoes of Willy Loman, in Playhouse 22's production of Arthur Miller's classic play DEATH OF A SALESMAN. 

He's been told that everything he does has an intensity to it. His wife claims he even sleeps intensely. He has yet to confirm this for himself.

Vince has decided that stickball and Johnny on the Pony need to make a comeback. He fully believes that both beat every high-tech, graphic intense XBOX video game any day of the week (though he could never convince his two sons of that!)

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