Vince is a New York based actor. He’s a Brooklyn born, working class, man’s man with a lovable goofiness… but don’t get on his bad side!

Growing up, he survived on a diet of Martin Scorsese, Francis Ford Coppola, NYPD Blue, as well as Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis, all of which happily reside in the recesses of his mind in one part or another. The two films that created the desire in him to want to be an actor were “Angels With Dirty Faces,” and “Mr. Smith Goes To Washington.” He was so inspired by their performances that he then sought out every film of both James Cagney, and Jimmy Stewart. 

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Vince Bandille

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After a thrilling run at this years Tribeca Film Festival, I’m excited to announce that the short film I’m in, “So You Like the Neighborhood”, written and directed by the very talented Jean Pesce, and starring Tony Nominee Sarah Stiles (who is brilliantly funny in it by the way…) is the winner of the National Board of Review Student Award, and also has been shortlisted for the 2018 BAFTA Student Film Awards. It’s the Official Selection for the Indy Shorts /Heartland International Film Festival (which is an ACADEMY AWARD QUALIFIER!) as well as the Indie Street Film Festival in Red Bank, NJ. 

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